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"Karen Ellis and her team, with their hard work have pulled off a few miracles for me in the past and this is why I give 5 stars for service."

Technical Writer, UK specialist vehicles manufacturer

"I look for three things from a translation supplier - accuracy, speed and a good relationship. With STAR UK I get all three. They have enabled us to increase our sales in markets we couldn't previously reach and I know when I give them a translation job, it will be done to a high standard, on time and with a minimum of fuss. Translation is now a stage in our process I don't have to worry about."

Marketing Manager, UK machine tools manufacturer

"STAR UK Ltd are an extremely efficient translation company which we use for our legal translations. They are very quick at responding and their turnaround time is extremely fast. Their fees are also very reasonable. The overall service we have received has been fantastic."

UK law firm

"Never let it be said that translation is a mechanical exercise. First, you need quality, experienced translators. You also need management and support staff who understand the intricacies of the client organisation's potential audience for translated text. It is important to accommodate subtleties and technicalities in text that make all the difference to the reader's experience. It is the reader's experience that will determine how they feel about the client-publisher, which is critical in sales, marketing, commercial and informative text. STAR UK help us to improve our clients' brand profile and communications."

Colin Printer, marketing company (FortuneWest)

"I can warmly recommend STAR's UK team. We've had a number of occasions to contact them and have found them to be consistently friendly, competent, and quick to respond. What more could a translator want from his or her software provider?"

Ralph Elliott, Translations and Consulting (STAR Transit NXT user)

Transit training in Hobart, 24 to 28 March 2014

The Communications Team at CCAMLR would like to thank you for sending us Karen Ellis to provide training for our translators and IT specialists. Not only is Karen extremely personable, well organised and knowledgeable, she managed to cover a great deal with a really relaxed manner and the time just flew. Even in the afternoons her animated presentations and constant interaction with the group kept everyone’s attention; all this, without losing focus.
Karen had expected some of the translators to need more basic instruction than they did (two of our translators had had no formal training, but have been assisted on the job by our more experienced translators). Nevertheless, she was able to adapt her program immediately without losing a beat, and quickly understood our particular workflow to go on to clarify the finer detail of Transit NXT. The translators now feel they have a deeper knowledge of Transit and can make optimal use of its possibilities.
We very much appreciated the fact that Karen is not just a presenter, but is an experienced and capable translator.

Andrew Wright, Executive Secretary CCAMLR







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