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Dormer Tools

Dormer is one of the world’s foremost producers of solid carbide and high-speed steel rotary cutting tools, with a reputation for quality, innovation and brand leadership. As a key member of the Sandvik group, Dormer has operations in more than 40 markets serving over 100 countries worldwide.


Dormer contacted STAR UK in 2007 on the recommendation of their parent company Sandvik, a long-term customer of STAR Sweden. They were looking for a translation supplier with relevant experience and terminology management capabilities who could provide in-country translation of their marketing material in a range of languages, with particular focus on Eastern Europe, the market they were looking to grow at the time.

The STAR Solution

Though managed centrally from our Woking office by a dedicated project manager, we quickly established relationships with Dormer subsidiaries and distributors around the globe via our in-country STAR offices. Working closely together, STAR translators and Dormer proof-readers have established a feedback loop so that completed translations are already validated when they leave STAR UK.

This also allows for collaboration on terminology to ensure all documentation is up to standard. Using our terminology software TermStar, customer-specific dictionaries are maintained, verified and constantly updated with input from the customer.

STAR's proprietary translation memory solution, Transit NXT, automatically draws up the dictionaries and all previous Dormer projects, to ensure both consistency significant cost-savings to the customer.


From the early discussions with Dormer about translating marketing material into Eastern European languages, we have processed over 4 million words in 18 languages across a range of documentation. All work continues to be managed by the same project manager as in 2007 and everything is translated in-country by STAR Group offices.


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