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Komet Group

The KOMET GROUP is a world leader in technology and innovation for high-precision machine tools.

With 50 international branches on 5 continents, 20 subsidiary companies, 40 sales and service centres and 10 production locations worldwide – the KOMET GROUP is dedicated to expansive, global involvement.



The KOMET GROUP approached STAR in 2007 in need of a one-stop expert solution to their global translation requirements. With their extensive international presence, they required a reliable one-stop solution that would enable them to communicate with their staff, their existing customers and the wider market in a timely, cost-effective way.


The STAR Solution

With a dedicated project manager for all KOMET projects, and considerable experience in working with clients in similar industries, STAR UK has been able to provide a comprehensive technical translation service to the KOMET GROUP.

Translators based in local STAR offices have been able to liaise directly with client engineers to ensure that terminology and technical detail meets the client’s demanding expectations.

Our Transit NXT translation memory software and TermStar terminology tool have enabled us to keep KOMET documentation consistent and accurate across their full product range. The deployment of this software in conjunction with our industry expertise has led to significant and ever-increasing cost savings for the client.



Since translating our first document for KOMET back in 2007, we have successfully completed over 150 projects of varying sizes and language combinations.


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