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The Gesellschaft für Schweizerische Kunstgeschichte (Society for Swiss Art History) was initally founded in 1934 to coordinate the protection and restoration of significant Swiss heritage sites. Today, its role has an added educational and research element, as it regularly publishes information about important sites.


GSK contracted STAR to translate the content of their new mobile application titled “Swiss Art To Go”. With a unique content record for every site of historical significance in Switzerland, GSK needed a translation services company with expert translators in the architectural field, who could write engaging copy and deliver the translations within a fixed timeframe.

The STAR Solution

STAR contacted their trusted network of freelance translators to find resources with the required expertise. Coordinated by a STAR PM, this team of up to 30 specialists worked collaboratively to share terminology and research work for optimised accuracy and consistency. Using STAR’s terminology management tool, TermStar, and our translation tool, Transit NXT,  terminology lists and reference material were quickly and easily shared with  all involved in the project.


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