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How can I use Transit to localize software?

Software and machine texts in the local language increase the overall benefit to the user, are sometimes mandatory, and open up new target markets for digital products. From a translator's point of view, the localization market offers the opportunity to broaden their own range of services and to use their existing linguistic and specialist knowledge in additional projects. With this in mind, Transit supports all file formats that are relevant to localization and also meets the specific challenges that are posed by software localization, such as length checks and dialog resizing.

This webinar explains how you can use Transit to localize your products and which special function provides you with assistance in doing so.

As a short introduction, you will find out how diverse the localization formats can be. As an example, you will see how you can use Transit to translate DLLs. You will find out about the integrated resource editor, which you can use to adapt dialog elements (resizing) and to define hotkeys for menus, buttons and options. As a second example, we will show you how you can use Excel sheets or proprietary text formats as the basis for localization and therefore keep the text lengths under control.

To conclude, you will find out how you can guarantee the quality of localization projects by using the usual format checks.

For translators and project managers with previous knowledge of Transit

This webinar is aimed at participants who already have experience of working in the Transit editor and with project management. You are in the right place if you want to find out how you can carry out localization projects.

For localization experts with no previous knowledge of Transit

Another target group is localization experts who want to gain a general overview of whether Transit is the right tool for their localization needs.


  • August 26, 16:00 – 17:00 (GMT +2:00)

Webinar in German

  • August 28, 10:00 – 11:00 (GMT +2:00)

Webinar in English

Register and participate

The webinar will take place online and is free of charge although the number of participants is limited. You can simply register by sending an e-mail to transit@star-group.net

We use the webinar software TeamViewer. Once you have registered, you will receive the login details that you can use to access and participate in the webinar.

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