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STAR Group has been ranked the eighth largest global provider of translation, localization and interpreting services out of the top 50 in the world and the second largest in Western Europe out of the top 20 in the region, according to 'The Language Services Market: 2011' report produced by Common Sense Advisory. STAR Group is the only European company making the top eight. The top seven are all US companies with their headquarters in the continental USA. STAR is therefore the top performing European translation company. Common Sense Advisory is an independent Massachusetts-based market research company which is focused exclusively on translation and interpreting services.

The market for LSPs was sized based on reported revenue and included the 50 largest providers of not only language services but also of technology. It measured actual financial activity for the fiscal year 2010. The survey sample of 3.6 percent or 912 of the total population of 25,256 LSPs across 152 countries naturally reflected mostly top-earning companies. Collectively, the sample contributed a total of US$5 billion to the market in 2010 out of total revenues for the industry of US$29.268 billion or 17 percent of global revenue. The top 50 in the world and the top 20 in Western Europe were identified from this sample.

STAR Group is referred in the report to be 'one of the most talked about companies' and as being 'back and bigger than ever' after prior absence from the list. Switzerland is mentioned as a country which has a major presence on the Western European ranking, so with STAR Group headquartered in Switzerland and performing so strongly in this report, there is no surprise that it is practically at the top of the leader board of Western European LSPs at number two.

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