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We are pleased to announce the release of Service Pack 7 for Transit NXT, which features a host of new features and enhancements. In fact there's so much new stuff, it's almost a new version. And, as ever with Transit NXT, most of what's new in our translation software is available to existing users free of charge.

You can download a full description of the new features of SP7 here, but here's a brief look at some of them.

Transit NXT Service Pack 7

Transit NXT for subtitling

Transit NXT now works as a tool for audio-visual translators, providing video in context via the built-in media player. Translators can now access their translation memory resources for subtitling.

Machine Translaton integration

The expanded and configurable machine translation interface supports both web-based services like Google Translate and iTranslate and trained MT systems.

Improved spellchecking

Microsoft spellcheckers now supplement the existing MySpell and translation-memory-based spellcheck functions.

More formats supported

Transit NXT now supports OpenOffice, LibreOffice and OpenDocuments.

Other enhancements

Numerous other new features, such as selective import of Excel cells and PowerPoint slides, translation of footnotes and indices in full context and combined analysis of multilingual translation projects, are designed to assist project managers and translators alike.


Our integrated terminology tool TermStar is also more powerful than ever:

  • Morphological search has been expanded to more than 15 languages.
  • Optimized terminology extraction now allows easy extraction of compound words.
  • Additional entry types and fields create new opportunities and are fully supported by the proven online terminology management system WebTerm 6.x.


To download Service Pack 7click here

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