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We've increased our German to English translation team

2012 has been a really busy year for our in-house German team - so much so that we've hired three new translators in the past three months to help cover the additional workload. The work we do is very varied and frequently quite complex and technical so, as always, we've appointed translators who have the right mix of linguistic skills and  common sense.

First in was Ellen Robinson, a recent graduate of the MA in Interpreting and Translation at Bath University, Ellen also holds a BA in languages (French, German and Spanish) from Surrey University down the road from us in Guildford. Coming with references that make us normal mortals feel a bit inadequate, Ellen has already started to make her mark in the office, stepping up to be Christmas party organiser this year!

Ellen was quickly followed by two more translation graduates, Ellie Lazell and Jess Smith. Both are just as happy working from French as German so we're really looking forward to the contribution they can make to our in-house French translation team as well.

Ellie already has translation industry experience, with three years as a translation checker at patent translation company RWS prior to joining STAR UK. With that professional training and her MA from the University of East Anglia, we think Ellie is going to be a fine addition to the team.

Jess has recently completed the MA in Translation and Interpreting Studies at the University of Manchester, and also holds a BA in French and German from Nottingham Uni. She has picked up valuable professional experience with several internships abroad and we have no doubt she'll be putting that to good use with STAR UK.

We wish all our new translators the best of luck in the career with STAR!

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