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STAR Group: Your single-source partner for corporate product communication


STAR AG (Software, Translation, Artwork, Recording) was founded in 1984 by Josef Zibung, a Swiss entrepreneur who spotted the need for a language service provider with a focus on supporting the entire information life cycle. The STAR Group was formed in the following years with the founding of STAR Germany and STAR Japan. In the subsequent 30 years, the STAR Group has expanded its network and currently has almost 900 employees in more than 40 locations in over 30 countries worldwide.

We’re the largest privately held language service provider thanks to this network of global locations. Our network was developed as a means of serving client needs in local markets, and ensures that we can offer native speaker translations with a guarantee of quality thanks to the rigorous tests and standards that we measure ourselves against.

The guiding theme of the STAR Group is the Delta Principle – “Only the difference is new”.

Even the STAR logo references this important concept; the Delta symbol in place of the ‘A’ is the 4th letter of the Greek alphabet, and symbolises the variation between two things. For us as translators, it represents the difference between two sentences. Our translation tool, Transit NXT, allows us to build on previous work so that we only work on sentences that we’ve never translated before, with the customer benefits of consistent translation and cost savings.

This Delta Principle has been at the heart of the STAR Group for 30 years and is the inspiration behind each of the STAR Group suite of information management tools. We have a tool for every step of the information lifecycle including translation and DTP workflows. Our software products are customisable to your requirements; each solution is unique. We act as the single-source partner for global corporate communications, working in diverse areas and industries, and with some of the world’s most renowned brands.

We know that people are the basis for any successful business, and the STAR family of offices all share this philosophy. You can find the list of our global locations here:


STAR Ramsen

STAR Böblingen

STAR Munich

STAR Tokyo

STAR Paris

STAR Alessandria

STAR Sweden

STAR Shanghai

STAR Thailand

STAR Korea


STAR Istanbul

STAR Poland

STAR Cairo

STAR Brazil

STAR Vienna

STAR Lisbon

STAR Tehran

STAR La Chaux-de-Fonds

STAR Russia

STAR Amsterdam

STAR Taiwan

STAR Indonesia

STAR Slovenia

STAR Hungary

STAR Prague

STAR Finland

STAR Romania

STAR Vietnam

STAR Lausanne






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