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Our combination of UK-based in-house translators, STAR Group offices around the world and an extensive network of professional freelance translators makes STAR UK an ideal partner for any company seeking to reach international markets and improve their global communications.

As a true translation company, rather than just an agency, we work very closely with all our partners and colleagues to provide the most flexible, appropriate and cost-effective solution to our customers.

It isn't possible to cover every language and every subject area in-house so over the years we have built up strong relationships with many freelance translators, who are selected on their qualifications and experience. When you place a project with STAR UK, you can be assured that it will be handled by a qualified linguist with experience in your particular field.

As you can see from the comments below, we see our freelancers as very much part of the team, and it's very much a partnership rather than a customer/supplier relationship.


"As a freelance translator, it has been an absolute pleasure working with the STAR UK team. They seem to be able to combine efficiency and professionalism with an easy and friendly working manner. From the Transit translation software to the in-house team, I am very happy to be working with STAR UK."

 Geoff Lee

"I've had the pleasure of working regularly with STAR UK for many years. As a translation company rather than an agency, its friendly and efficient project managers fully grasp the nature of the process from the translators' point of view and are able to offer the appropriate support whenever needed. Of course, the fact that STAR UK has always paid me on time is more than an added bonus! This peace of mind is very important for me, particularly when I'm invited to work on a large project." 

Jon King

"I have been working with STAR as a freelance translator for just over two years. The project managers are friendly and professional, technical support is fantastic and invoices are always paid on time. I thoroughly enjoy working with the team and hope our working relationship continues long into the future." 

Liz Coxon


"I've been working with STAR UK for eight years now as a freelancer, and cannot speak highly enough of the company and team. They are friendly, professional and always on hand to help when needed, be it for technical issues or translation queries. They can also always be relied upon to respond to any queries or messages very promptly, which is a big bonus when you're working towards a tight deadline. Great company, great team - a pleasure to work with." 

Heather O'Donovan

"It is a real pleasure working for STAR UK. Jobs are interesting and the project managers are all friendly, flexible and always available to help with queries. Moreover, deadlines are fair and payment is prompt, which makes for a strong client/supplier relationship and keeps the focus on translation quality, where it should be. All in all, a very pleasant, professional team." 

Ellen Dolamore

"Working with STAR is an absolute pleasure - I always receive immediate replies to emails, quality is of utmost importance and the deadlines are always feasible which all contribute to an easy partnership. I really enjoy the variety of projects offered to me and look forward to continuing to work together in the future."

Martha Johnstone


If you have worked for us as a freelance translator and would like to add your comment, please let us know.

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