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The Translation Team

When you use STAR UK for your translation project, you are in safe hands. As you can see below, our team have a vast amount of experience and training, and are passionate about doing justice to your material.

We've asked the whole team to write something (hopefully) nice about each other so you can learn more about the personalities behind the names.

Jenny on George

Georgina Emile, BA, MA, MITI

Languages: French, German and Danish

A long-serving member of the French translator team, George also helps everyone keep track of what they're doing by managing our project list day-to-day. A graduate of Kings College, London and the University of Surrey MA course in Translation, she joined us in 2005. Since then, she has translated all manner of material from French, Danish and German into English: her skills know no bounds! Her energy is also boundless: when she's not at her desk, she can be found running up and down the Gloucester countryside (near her home office) or recreating RHS Wisley on her flourishing allotment.

Tracy on Catherine

Catherine Hillier, BA, MA

Languages: German, Italian

Catherine has been with STAR since August 2013. She contributes Italian, German and (of course) English language expertise to the team, and is always on hand to offer a second opinion and help colleagues with Transit-related queries. Her imagination for marketing texts is unrivalled – she's your go-to girl for a good pun or slogan! But her skills are by no means limited to translation and Transit: in addition to ceilidh and swing dancing, she also likes to test the elasticity of her colleagues' waistbands with her amazing cakes. It's never a bad day when she turns up with her tupperware... Fun fact: When Catherine first went to Germany, she got lost and spent a good fifteen minutes trying to find "Einbahnstraße" (that's a "one-way street") on her map. Fortunately her German has improved considerably since then!

Catherine on Mary

Mary Manning, BA, MA

Languages: German, French

Mary joined the team for the second time in July 2014, having started her professional career with STAR UK back in 2002 and then spending ten years plying her trade elsewhere, rising to the level of senior translator. A polyglot translating from German but also dabbling in French, Russian, Chinese and currently Spanish, Mary brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table (as well as various sheep-related paraphernalia). In her spare time, Mary is a keen baker and has completed several runs for charity, including the Surrey Half Marathon.  Fun fact: Mary once ended up in Outer Mongolia when a flight to China she was on got diverted!

Karen on Tracy

Tracy Manning, BA, MITI

Languages: German, French

Tracy joined STAR UK in 2010 and has become an indispensable member of the German translation team.  Previously working as a translator in Germany and before that in-house at SAP, Tracy brings an admirable can-do attitude to everything she does, along with a bucket-load of common sense.  She has a worrying fascination with Eurovision and we do sometimes struggle to understand her Belfast-isms - fortunately they don't crop up in her translations. Tracy left the office to work from home in 2013; she has now been joined by her sidekick Arnie, her miniature Schnauzer puppy. A keen hockey player and rugby fan, Tracy is now trying something less violent with her Charleston dance classes.  We look forward to a demo of Tracy strutting her stuff next time she comes into the office!

Alastair on Jenny

Jenny Burton, BA, Msc, MITI

Languages: French, Spanish, Italian

Jenny has been working for STAR UK since 2005, is one of 3 permanent French translators and also handles a lot of our Spanish/Italian work. She works from home Up North in Southport, and being a mum of 2 young children means she spends much of her free time in the park, on the beach or baking in the kitchen - brownies are one of their particular specialities! When not covered in chocolate, she also provides beautiful backing vocals for a local soul/gospel band and is currently learning to play the ukulele. 

Bethanie on Natalie

Natalie Mckay, MA

Languages: German, French

Natalie is a graduate of Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh and joined us in May 2015. Born in Scotland, she gives the office a full complement of staff from all four countries of the UK and is the only one in the office with a taste for Irn-Bru flavoured fudge. Fortunately, ever since a taxi driver in Heidelberg misheard her request to drive to “Karlstor” as “Karlsruhe” (about 34 miles further south), she has gone from strength to strength. Natalie is a keen runner and flautist with a remarkable ability to sneeze silently.

Karen on Alastair

Alastair Chamberlain, BA, MA, MITI

Languages: French, Swedish, German

Alastair joined STAR UK way back in 2004 after completing his Masters degree in Translation at the University of Surrey. As well as being a core member of the French team, Al handles a lot of our Swedish into English work. He works from home and lives in Brighton with his young family. When he's not changing nappies, he enjoys playing guitar in his band - and has even had one of his songs played on Radio 6 Music!


When we've got to know them a little better, we'll include profiles of our newer team members Alice, Kati, Julia and Elizabeth, along with soon-to-be STARs Kate and Chris.


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