TM or MT? Translation Memory or Machine Translation? Both! Free webinar from STAR

It’s often best to whisper the words “machine translation” when amongst professional translators, for fear of being chased out of town with pitchforks and burning torches. It’s an understandable reaction of course – in any industry, technology with the potential … Continue reading

Transit NXT Webinars for 2015 in the STAR Campus

Good morning, everyone, and welcome to our first blog post of 2015 – happy New Year! The STAR Campus has a very full schedule of interesting webinars on Transit NXT for early 2015, helping you make the most of this … Continue reading

White Space

Today’s post comes from STAR UK translator Jenny Burton. What is white space? White space is all around us – in our homes and offices, in books and magazines, on the Internet. In web design, the idea is that creating … Continue reading

Why working backwards might be the way forward

Today’s post comes from Jenny Burton, one of STAR UK’s longest-serving translators. eltpics via Compfight This week I have mainly been reviewing translations. As translators, we are always called to review our own translations but, as in-house translators, we also … Continue reading

New Subtitling Feature in Transit NXT

In a previous life,  pre-STAR, I worked as a subtitler on broadcast, DVD and cinema material. I was either creating subtitles for the hard of hearing or subtltle templates for translation. It was a lovely job, and very difficult to … Continue reading

Dual concordance – delivering powerful translation results!

Today’s blog post comes from our French translator, Jenny Burton. Dual concordance – delivering powerful translation results! Welcome to the first of a two-part article on Transit NXT’s Dual Concordance function, aimed at translators who are relatively new to working … Continue reading

STAR Transit NXT Evolution

Transit NXT Evolution  from Service Pack 0  to Service Pack 6 Released in April 2009, Transit NXT has undergone a lot of development and has been enhanced in a variety of ways. Here we take a look in detail at … Continue reading

Many Ways to Connect with STAR Transit NXT

  There are numerous ways you can get information about our CAT tool Transit NXT, some modern, some more traditional. Here are just a few of them… STAR UK website Check out the Transit NXT section of the STAR UK website. … Continue reading