We’ve recently added Bethanie Trowbridge to our in-house translation project management team. Here’s a brief interview with her.



1. We know it’s probably early days, but what do you like most about working for STAR so far?

I think it would have to be being in a multilingual environment every day. I never know if my next email is going to be in English or not, and there is always the chance of being asked for a translation from or into a more unusual language that you have no experience of. It’s the variety that makes it so interesting! Everyone has made me feel really welcome, so that also makes it easier to come to work on grey and frosty mornings.

 2. What are your main competencies that you bring to the job?

I would say that I have good organisation skills, and I enjoy working under pressure. A year planner and some multi-coloured pens were an important purchase in my first week, helping me to make sure that I keep track of all my projects and tasks.

 3. What do you do in those moments when being a project manager is stressful?

Make a list, and maybe also a coffee! I find that having a ‘To do’ list makes it easier to prioritise and manage my time. It also feels good when you get to cross something off!

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