After lengthy deliberations and countless meetings, the translation standard EN15038 has been put out to pasture, to be replaced with the new and improved standard ISO-17100. We’re very proud to say that we’re one of only a handful of companies in the UK, and indeed around the world, to have adopted the new standard thus far, though we believe it will soon become the norm in the industry. We like to be ahead of the pack.

GeoLang ISO7100




What’s new in ISO-17100?

Based on EN15038, and retaining all of what was useful in that standard for assuring translation quality, ISO-1700 puts the customer, the translation purchaser to the forefront in areas such as:

  • Project manager competencies (an area that wasn’t covered at all in the old standard)
  • Ensuring customer requirements are identified prior to production
  • The handling of customer feedback
  • The security of customer data

So we see this as a further step forward in the professionalization of our industry. It makes more sense than ever for a prospective purchaser of translation services to look for a partner who is committed to putting the customer first and providing the best possible overall service.

Contact us to find out more our ISO-17100 certified translation services.

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