How did you end up at STAR?

I’d just finished my Masters in Translation Studies at the University of Leeds, having previously completed a BA in French and Italian at the University of Birmingham, so it was time to leave learning behind and get started on forging a career for myself! I’m a Northerner originally, so I drove down to Woking (where the office was based at the time), did my interview with Karen and Steve and by the time I’d made the journey back home there was an email asking me if I’d like to join the company, definitely one of my more successful trips down south!

What skills do you think are important for anyone wanting to be a successful project manager?

I strongly believe the top three skills are, without a doubt, organisation, strong communication and effective time management. You’re constantly being pulled in any given direction but a strong foundation based on these three qualities means you can remain cool headed and focused (well, most of the time!).

What’s it like to work at STAR?

The main thing that stands out for me is the close collaborative effort. We’re a fairly small team but there’s always someone there to bounce ideas/questions/queries off when you need a helping hand.

Colleague with the coolest pet?

A certain four-legged golden fur child springs to mind: Steve’s dog, Duke. From entertaining stories of Duke eating a popular box of Christmas chocolates, Steve then hosing down the lawn and finding said chocolate wrappers, to “bins up!” being shouted when Duke visits the office. He’s the truest living definition of a Labrador.

Steve Smith, Managing Director at STAR UK

Steve Smith on Alice Lockwood

Alice is always calm in a crisis, which stands her in good stead when dealing with the urgent deadlines from her clients in the luxury watch industry.