What’s it like to work at STAR?

As I write this I’ve only been here a couple of months, so I don’t have as much insight as some of the more seasoned members of the team, but so far it’s been fantastic. I really felt like I slotted into the team as soon as I arrived. In the PM team we have quite a unique way of speaking to each other, using a mish-mash of all our languages and inside-jokes, it’s pretty much like our own language and I felt right away that this was a warm, bubbly, and sometimes bonkers, team that I could really be part of.

What’s your favourite part of your day?

Tea time, hands down. And that for me, by the way, is approximately once an hour. I don’t feel like I’ve properly settled into my day until I’ve had my first cuppa in the mornings, which is usually by 9.30, then I feel like my day has begun and I’m ready for anything.

What skills do you think are important for anyone wanting to be a successful project manager?

Patience is key in many walks of life, but especially this one. Patience and flexibility are two things that tend to get your projects done and keep everyone happy. You have to have a bit of empathy for when to help out others in the office too; it’s not all about keeping your head down and sticking to your own jobs, everyone here has been so helpful and given me a lot of their time since I arrived. Being realistic about time-frames is also a skill that doesn’t go amiss!

Which team member is most likely to star in a musical?

We are quite a noisy, sing-y bunch but Catherine is definitely the one with the most actual musical talent. However, I can totally imagine Karen as a tap-dancing, salsa-ing, ballet-doing lead role in an awesome West End musical – she’d be a sensation.


Catherine Knight on Jessica Benson

“Jessica is full of boundless enthusiasm, which she vents in a variety of ways – on translation projects, playing Frisbee or eating snacks, whichever is most freely available.”