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STAR's blend of professional, experienced linguists and scalable tools, is perfectly placed to help car manufacturers and associated suppliers meet rapidly changing demands driven by globalisation, innovation and complex scheduling.

The global automotive industry is subject to a range of interdependent factors that increase complexity, such as:


As national markets open up and liberalise, opportunities increase for auto manufacturers, but so do the challenges. Managing the increase in documentation, languages and making your product literature accurate, consistent and culturally appropriate seem overwhelming.

Pressure for innovation

Whether it be through customer demands or environmental concerns, all members of the motor industry are under constant pressure to innovate. New models, new features, new service offerings - all of these generate a mountain of new information to be created, standardised and localised for international markets. How do you handle this?

Increasing complexity/On demand culture

In the automotive industry, as everywhere else, increasing digitalisation and connectedness are changing expectations. Whether it be in-car digitalisation or in-time updating of your global service staff - how do you meet the challenge of giving your customers what they want, when they want it?

STAR has been an important partner of the automotive industry for over a quarter of a century. We have worked with the market leaders and provided them with solutions to their most complex information management challenges.

STAR helps its automotive clients adapt to the changing face of the industry. With STAR offices worldwide, you have an experienced partner wherever and whenever you need it.


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