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For nearly 30 years, STAR has been a leading figure in the development of translation memory (TM) technology. Underpinned by the philosophy that guides everything we do, our experience in providing innovative translation memory solutions means we are ideally placed to help your organisation make the most of its resources.

Whether translation plays a significant role in your organisation or is only required on an ad hoc basis, translation memory can have significant advantages. Translation memory works on the principle that you never have to translate the same text. This in turn can reduce the time and effort required for the translation and, as a result, minimise the costs involved.

TM software (not to be confused with machine translation) stores previous translations as reference material and displays them to the translator during the translation process. The translator manually confirms that the translation is indeed correct in context, and makes use of this reference material,  thus ensuring that there is consistency across your documentation.

The benefits also include accuracy in company-specific terminology. TM software allows the translator to search for individual words within previous translations, meaning that the translator can use your preferred terms, even without any specific terminology software.

STAR's own TM software, Transit NXT, uses a file-based reference structure. Unlike the database-style packages available on the market, our system offers the user ultimate control over which reference material is used for each project - from individual product-specific documents to entire reference pools.

At STAR, we use Transit NXT as standard: your own company-specific translation memory can therefore be started right from the first project.

Transit NXT is compatible with many other similar software packages available on the market thanks to the TMX interface. If you already have reference material in another TM format, migration of your existing reference material to Transit NXT is a simple process.

Similarly, the Transit NXT Alignment Tool enables you to make use of previous translations which you only have available in non-TM formats, such as Microsoft Office or InDesign.

If you have any questions about migration to Transit NXT or alignment of existing non-TM translations, please do contact us.


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