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Simplified, automated, multichannel publishing

SPIDER delivers automated publishing of SGML or XML data. With SPIDER technology, information can easily be retrieved and displayed in various forms of media.

SPIDER is a highly efficient solution for expanding the boundaries of publishing and greatly reducing turnaround time, lowering costs as well as enhancing display quality in the process.

SPIDER technology is based on the single-source principle and available in 3 configurations, all of which access the same content database (your choice of SGML or XML). These are:

  • SPIDER Pagination Engine
  • SPIDER CD-ROM Engine
  • SPIDER Web Engine

The key benefits of SPIDER:

  • SPIDER enables your writers to concentrate on their primary work – creative thinking.
  • Production is faster due to the use of a single delivery system.
  • Overall quality is improved as a result of centralised data - test once, deliver multiple outputs.
  • Information is stored without layout, and the layout is generated as and when you really need it.

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