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The Delta principle in technical writing.

The principle of reusing existing content is at the heart of the MindReader concept, a memory that recalls existing words and phrases. It enables the consistency of content to be checked and maintained.

Technical writers only work on content that is being created for the first time. Existing text is taken from the available reference material.

How it works: Technical writers start work in their familiar editing environments (e.g. Adobe© FrameMaker©). As they type, a MindReader reference window shows them previously created and verified content taken from source-language reference material. Matches are shown in a separate window and can be copied by a click of the mouse or a keyboard shortcut – and you can copy whole sentences or paragraphs at a time.

The key benefits of MindReader:

  • Simplification: the reuse of verified words and sentences is simplified and the creation process is enhanced.
  • Consistency: the strict use of correct terminology eliminates ambiguities in the source as well as the target language.
  • Translation cost savings: each repetition in the source language represents a saving in translation costs. Translation volumes are cut as the existing, corrected translations can be reused.

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