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Corporate Process Management for increased efficiency

Standardised industry processes are key to the long-term economic success of a company. Costs can be significantly reduced when using system solutions to handle data and content. 

Participants focus on their own tasks, and know that the system will prepare the work package for them.

STAR CPM automates those steps/tasks in your information process which do not need to be handled manually. In doing so, your project managers are freed up to concentrate on more high-value tasks.

STAR CPM delivers immediate benefits and grows with your business. Manual steps can be implemented as required to match your requirements, delivering the flexibility that allows you to maximise your results.

The key benefits of  STAR CPM:

Time and cost savings

  • Optimisation of existing workflows
  • Standardisation of projects
  • Automation of repetitive tasks and routine operations

Quality improvement

  • Integration of quality and error checks
  • Control over every stage of the project
  • Straightforward control over the entire project sequence


  • Adaptation and expansion of existing workflows
  • New workflows for different document types easily introduced


  • Interface modules for linking workflows with existing systems
  • Clients' existing third-party systems (e.g. translation and terminology software, CMS) can be integrated
  • Complete compatibility with all STAR tools: Transit, TermStar, WebTerm, FormatChecker, GRIPS and SPIDER

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