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Whether you have a simple brochure site showcasing your products, or a complex e-commerce application, the challenges are the same. With its global infrastructure and expertise STAR's website translation services team can help you deliver your message via the internet to your market, wherever it is, whatever the language.

Your website may well be your most important selling tool. It's certainly where your customers will go to learn about you. If you're looking to do business in other countries, having a properly translated, properly localised website is essential.

This presents a mix of challenges:


You will have spent a lot of time, effort and money on ensuring your website is as good as it can be in your native language, because you know that a badly written website with spelling errors and poor grammar will turn potential customers off. This is true in any country, so if you're serious about selling abroad, you need to put the same effort into the multilingual content.

72.4 percent of consumers say they would be more likely to buy a product with information in their own language.
(Ref: Can't Read, Won't Buy: Why Language Matters on Global Websites)

Target market

A good website translation is not simply a word-for-word rehash of your original content. It should take your words and make them work for you in your target market, taking all local business, legal and cultural factors into account.

STAR's technical translators have years of experience in working on websites of all kinds and with native-speaking experts based in over 40 countries, we're ideally placed to help your website achieve what you need it to.

72.1 percent of the consumers spend most or all of their time on sites in
their own language
(Ref: Can't Read, Won't Buy: Why Language Matters on Global Websites)


Once you have translated your existing material, what next? Modern websites require frequent updating to rank highly in search engines, so how will you manage the ongoing translation requirement this will create? You need a cost-effective, timely solution which requires the minimum effort for maximum return.

STAR's translation management solutions, and technical specialists, have the knowledge and experience to optimise your multilingual website and offer you stress-free solutions. Talk to us today about how we can automate the process of website translation and take away the hassle of keeping your site up to date.


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