Volkswagen, the German car manufacturing company, has three of its cars in the top 10 list of best-selling cars of all time, and is the biggest car manufacturer in both Germany and Europe. Volkswagen is also a long-standing STAR customer working with us to translate internal documentation.


With an increasing focus on intelligent and connected technology within cars, Volkswagen asked STAR to work with them developing the translated versions of its new HMI (Human Machine Interface) in its new cars. Volkswagen required expert translations as part of a continuing project.


Automotive – software strings


Weekly translation requests from 2012 to present day


1 dedicated project manager at STAR in Germany

2 specialist translators for each language combination

Total volume

375+ projects in 6 years



The STAR solution

Each STAR location has selected two of their professional technical translators to work in the languages required by VW on their HMI projects. The software localisation process requires expert language skills in both the source and target languages to ensure that cultural nuances are respected.

Following the 2-man rule that requires all translations to be reviewed by a second professional, STAR translators have been part of the successful implementation of mobile apps that support the VW driving experience as well as in-car software, working closely with the HMI software developers to guarantee the accuracy of their translations.

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