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Translation services that support your international strategy | STAR UK

Translation services

When you need translation services, STAR has the expertise and knowledge to deliver the quality you expect.

In today’s society, the most successful businesses are those who have a global strategy. Translation services often form a key part of this strategy; regardless of your industry, product or company focus, communication is key. In an increasingly globalised world, having your information in your customer’s language makes solid business sense.

Our global network of offices works in partnership with you to deliver translation services that support your international information strategy; helping you to achieve optimum growth.

Why should I use a professional translation services company?

Increasingly, teams are made up of employees from all over the world and it seems logical to make the most of their language skills when translations are required. However, when these initial translations deliver business growth, translation requests can take over their schedule and leave them no time to work on their original job function. A professional translation services company can free up your resources to work on other tasks and can deliver the extra capacity you need, right when you need it.

Instead of relying on browser-based translation tools that risk the security of your data, you can order translation services safe in the knowledge that you will receive a professional service from qualified experts.

What can you expect when you choose translation services from STAR?

For every translation that we complete, we offer you:

  • A single project manager to act as a unique point of contact
  • Qualified translators working into their native language
  • Specialist knowledge of your industry
  • Separate translation and review steps
  • Translation memory storage for use in future projects
  • Terminology management
  • Quality assurance checks

Do you work in my industry?

Whatever industry you work in, STAR is your partner for global communication, be it a press release for luxury items, user manuals and technical sheets for your products, or even contracts and internal business documentation. Using our extensive network of in-house translators and trusted external suppliers, over 1500 businesses know that they can count on STAR to deliver a reliable translation service.

We don’t believe in complex pricing structures – when you request a quotation from STAR, you receive a single price that includes all of the above. We also perform checks on your final document to ensure that it matches the source document formatting that you provided us with.

Can you advise me on the best process when ordering translation services?

Whether you are just starting to consider expanding into other markets, or whether you already have a presence across the globe, STAR is the translation services agency that you can trust. Your dedicated project manager supports you to create a bespoke translation workflow that includes translation memory storage and terminology management to guarantee consistent quality and deliver cost savings.

Can you cope with custom formats?

STAR uses the translation memory software tool, Transit NXT to work with all of the main source document types (MS Office, Adobe InDesign, Adobe FrameMaker, Quark, HTML and XML). Custom file formats for translation services are no problem; contact one of our team now to discuss your specific project requirements.

See our full list of industry sectors for more details on how STAR helps companies around the world with their translation requirements.


Translation is the process of rendering written content in one language into written content in another language.

Our translators work exclusively into their native language because they have a complete mastery of this language gained from birth, and a sound grasp of its nuances. No matter how comfortable somebody is speaking or writing in their second language, there will be always be little clues here and there revealing that they are not a native speaker, and this impacts quality.

Yes! We’ll translate anything for anyone, whether they send it by email, post or bring it in personally.

Translation memory (TM) software presents stored translations from previous projects to the translator during translation, allowing the translator to decide whether or not to accept or edit the suggested translation for use in the current job. Machine translation (MT) is the automated translation of text by computers, without the use of human translators. When a professional translation company uses MT, they will usually have a post-editing step in their workflow to ensure the translation is accurate.


Industries we translate for

STAR UK, as part of the wider STAR Group, have a range of specialist industries in which we work. The STAR Group is known for its close ties with automotive companies the world over. We have equally strong links, however, with luxury goods companies such as Cartier, Gucci, and Rolex. View our translation services by industry
Rolls-Royceannual report
  • As one of the leading full-service B2B marketing agencies in Heilbronn, in the Greater Stuttgart area, we appreciate the service provided by STAR, in particular from Sabine Schulz. We receive first-class translations, on time or often early. Even urgent projects are translated quickly, accurately and to our complete satisfaction. We would like to work with more companies like this, and have no hesitation in recommending STAR.

    CEO, TEAMDREI Werbeagentur GmbH
  • Translations have been completed within the quoted timeframe and I’m happy to be a returning customer.

    Director, Aurora Marketing Consultancy Ltd.
  • From Icelandic and Norwegian to Hebrew and Arabic with everything in between, STAR delivers. Always remaining friendly and courteous amidst the pressure of deadlines. Great company. Great service.

    Engineer, Mallaghan Engineering Ltd.
  • Thank you, STAR. Yet again, you have helped us very speedily and we are always treated like a returning friend.

    Owner, the Private Perfumery at Castle Forbes

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