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Proofreading services to optimise your text for your end reader | STAR UK

Proofreading services

Your published material is your way of communicating your brand to the world – don’t waste the opportunity. Sloppy spelling or punctuation errors can negatively impact your customer’s perception of your company and a jargon-filled sales pitch can have a similar impact on sales. Communication should be clear, concise and most importantly, convincing! STAR has experience in working with source documentation before translation or publication to make sure that your text is the best it can be.

What will you be checking for?

In short, our proofreading services can check specifically for any issue that you list. Our customers mainly ask for us to check terminology consistency, clarity of instructions, spelling, grammar and punctuation as well as use of a suitable writing style. We want you to be sure that the material you publish is of the highest quality, so we act as your second pair of eyes to spot the things you may have missed.

What kind of documents can you check?

Proofreading services may be needed for a variety of different documents; any document that will be published may require a second pair of eyes to check for oversights. Proofreading adds the most value to technical documentation – ensuring that terminology is used consistently and instructions are clear – but it is also beneficial to marketing texts where the text needs to make an impact on the end reader.

How does the process work?

Our customers use our proofreading services for two purposes: to check a document before translation and to check a document before final publication. Simply send us your document for proofreading and a member of our project management team will be in touch to discuss your project in more detail.

See our full list of case studies to find out more about how STAR helps companies with their monolingual proofreading requirements.


During proofreading, the focus is solely on the target text (the translation), with the aim of making it sound as authentic and natural as possible to a native reader. A (bilingual) translation review compares the target text with the source text to ensure that the translation is a faithful and accurate rendering of the original.

Depending on the language that your document is written in, your documents will be checked by one of our in-house team at our Guildford office or sent to one of our colleagues across the globe. All of our proofreaders are native speakers of the language they are checking and usually also work as translators with specialist knowledge of your industry.

Our translators work exclusively into their native language because they have a complete mastery of this language gained from birth, and a sound grasp of its nuances. No matter how comfortable somebody is speaking or writing in their second language, there will be always be little clues here and there revealing that they are not a native speaker, and this impacts quality.



Industries we translate for

STAR UK, as part of the wider STAR Group, have a range of specialist industries in which we work. The STAR Group is known for its close ties with automotive companies the world over. We have equally strong links, however, with luxury goods companies such as Cartier, Gucci, and Rolex. View our translation services by industry
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  • From the first order STAR UK showed their dedication to delivering high-quality texts that are tailored to our target audience. I have not only been impressed by the quality of the translations provided, but also by the efforts made to accommodate even the shortest of turnaround times. I look forward to continuing my successful partnership with STAR UK for many more years to come.

    Project Manager, Norwegian Seafood Council

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