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Over recent years, the use of video materials as a marketing and educational tool has increased at exponential rates. The statistics are compelling: videos are said to make up more than 80% of all web traffic and 90% of customers agree that videos help them make purchasing decisions.

When looking at these statistics, it becomes obvious that video should play some part in your global communication strategy, both for internal channels and when trying to reach your customers. It may be that your English site has videos and you want to roll this out to other markets.

The creation of multilingual subtitles is a key step for the success of your video marketing and communication, but does bring with it some considerations before you begin.

 How does the process work?

Multilingual subtitling and post-translation video editing can be confusing – what do you need to provide to your supplier? What steps are required? Can you approve translations before the video is created?

STAR uses a network of subtitling partners to ensure that the process is simple and pain-free. Working from a video file, we create caption and subtitle files, translate to your chosen languages, provide text for customer approval and can create the final multilingual videos for you to upload. Your multilingual subtitles project is managed by an experienced team member who deals with the technical side of things on your behalf.

Can you help me tailor our message for a specific region?

When expanding into a new market, or even creating videos for a market in which you are already selling, tailored communication is the secret to success. Your subtitles should be a reflection of that market; using the correct terminology for your industry and the correct phrasing for that geographical region. STAR has a global network of offices staffed with experienced translators who can bring your vision to life and advise you on the best translations for your videos.

How can I ensure consistency with the other materials that my company creates?

Adding multilingual subtitles to your corporate video enables you to communicate your company’s message effectively to customers and staff around the globe. You may have spent many hours crafting a compelling video that aligns perfectly with your brand image and communication strategy and are worried about outsourcing to a third party. This is where STAR’s tailored multilingual video translation services can help. Any previously translated material can be taken into account when creating the language elements of the video, whether it’s a press release, marketing materials or even user documentation. We work with you to ensure that your multilingual subtitles convey exactly the right message to your target audience, paying close attention to your company’s brand and ethos.


Yes! We have extensive experience in working with videos and subtitles so you can trust us to deal with the technical side of things, leaving you to focus on getting the source video just right. Our Managing Director, Steve, also spent 10 years working in the subtitle industry and is great at cutting through any potential technical jargon.

Because we foster close relationships with our customers, we’re able to gain extensive knowledge of the specific industries in which they operate. Translators are by nature voracious researchers and therefore experts at quickly getting up to speed on the specifics of your industry. We have a vast repository of high-quality reference material available, both on and offline, allowing us to source in-depth, targeted information. In addition, all of our translators hold postgraduate qualifications in translation, which include specific training on technical research.

Yes, you can. Our translators are a tight-knit team who regularly share their expertise with one another and work on texts from the same customers, which means there’s not much to choose between them when it comes to specialist knowledge. But we will always endeavour to team you up with a specific translator if you have a particular preference.



Industries we translate for

STAR UK, as part of the wider STAR Group, have a range of specialist industries in which we work. The STAR Group is known for its close ties with automotive companies the world over. We have equally strong links, however, with luxury goods companies such as Cartier, Gucci, and Rolex. View our translation services by industry
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  • Along with translation requirements, STAR have helped LAW Creative with multilingual subtitling. This has enabled us to achieve more efficient turnaround times and manage projects seamlessly. STAR has been a great extension to our team.

    Account Manager, LAW Creative
  • As one of the leading full-service B2B marketing agencies in Heilbronn, in the Greater Stuttgart area, we appreciate the service provided by STAR, in particular from Sabine Schulz. We receive first-class translations, on time or often early. Even urgent projects are translated quickly, accurately and to our complete satisfaction. We would like to work with more companies like this, and have no hesitation in recommending STAR.

    CEO, TEAMDREI Werbeagentur GmbH
  • We have been working with STAR since 2007. Regardless of language combination, project size or deadline, we know we have found a reliable, long term partner in STAR.

    Head of Marketing Communications, KOMET Deutschland GmbH

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