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Whether you require an urgent one-off translation service, or want to migrate your whole corporate language management process, STAR has the experience and resources to meet your needs.

For over 25 years, the STAR Group has been a global leader for multilingual translation services. As a single-source supplier, we handle all aspects of your project, from translation through to final DTP.

The success or failure of overseas ventures is linked in no small part to a company's multilingual documentation and resources. Research shows that consumers are considerably more likely to purchase a product if the information about it is in their own language. With this in mind, we at STAR UK act as a full-service agency, managing your multilingual projects from start to finish.

We firmly believe that your documents can only be best translated for your target markets by native speakers, and we therefore work solely with mother-tongue linguists. We also know that even the best translators can sometimes make mistakes, so our translations are proofread by a second native speaker. STAR UK is certified as compliant with the EN-15038 standard. This is a specific European standard for translation services, guaranteeing that the translations are not only checked by a second linguist, but also that all linguists involved in the translation process are suitably qualified. 

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In addition to our translation services, we can also help you with your technical translation, translation memory and terminology management and document translation and desktop publishing.

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