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What was I thinking?

Once you’ve got the hang of a task, however complex and however long it may have taken to master, you rarely stop to consider the decision-making processes that lie behind its execution. It becomes an automated action, filed somewhere deep … Continue reading

CPD: the smart investment with long-term benefits

Most translation professionals realise the importance of continued professional development (CPD) but sometimes it can be hard to justify the time away from our desks. What type of CPD would be the best use of our time and money? The … Continue reading

New Transit NXT webinars for 2014

STAR Campus: Putting experience into practice In the STAR Campus, we use live webinars to show you how Transit and TermStar can help you with your work. As a newcomer to Transit, we will provide you with an overview of … Continue reading

A New Year’s Resolution – Top 5 Work Habits for a More Productive 2014

Do it…next year? William Cho via Compfight It’s that time of year again where we look forward to Christmas and – perhaps not so much – to making New Year’s resolutions. With 2014 around the corner, I thought it would … Continue reading

Meet the Translator

It must be a lonely life, working at home as a freelance translator with only your translation memory software for company, either waiting for the next job to come in or hoping the email stops pinging with offers of yet … Continue reading

New Subtitling Feature in Transit NXT

In a previous life,  pre-STAR, I worked as a subtitler on broadcast, DVD and cinema material. I was either creating subtitles for the hard of hearing or subtltle templates for translation. It was a lovely job, and very difficult to … Continue reading

When Translation Meets Parenting

I’ve just returned from a fun half term holiday with my two children (aged 4 ½ and 1½). Although it was nothing like my usual work routine in many ways, in other ways there were similarities, at least in terms … Continue reading

A Hidden Talent

A major topic of discussion at this year’s ITI Conference was how to raise the profile of the translation industry and encourage greater awareness and appreciation of the skills required to work in the field. It was revealed – as … Continue reading

We’re supporting World Alzheimer’s Day

This year, we’re very happy to be supporting the Alzheimer’s Society and the World Alzheimer’s Day Balloon Launch through our links with local care home, Cedar Court in Cranleigh.             We sponsored one of the … Continue reading

Why don’t more UK SMEs export?

Last week I attended a very interesting talk by a representative from the UKTI, the government body charged with increasing the amount of export activity in the UK. Simply put, their aim is to get more UK companies exporting, as … Continue reading

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