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Translating The Untranslatable

There comes a time in every translator’s life – possibly several times a week – when they say to themselves “I know what it means, but how the heck can I translate it?” Lori Greig via Compfight That might be … Continue reading

Friday’s Translation Quotation

This week’s Translation Quotation comes from Anthony Burgess: Translation is not a matter of words only: it is a matter of making a whole culture intelligible.    

Many Ways to Connect with STAR Transit NXT

  There are numerous ways you can get information about our CAT tool Transit NXT, some modern, some more traditional. Here are just a few of them… STAR UK website Check out the Transit NXT section of the STAR UK website. … Continue reading

Tales of a Newly-Qualified Translator

Today’s post comes from one of the newer members of our translation team, Ellen Robinson. Starting Out It seems incredible to think that I have been working at STAR for 6 months now. In fact, I think it is both … Continue reading

Prepare To Translate

As an opening post on our new blog, we’d like to look at something that we discuss in our office on an almost daily basis – how translation purchasers and their translation suppliers can work together so that all parties … Continue reading

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